Is increased auto insurance required? 
Our fleet is covered by our comprehensive insurance policy.  Most existing individual or business automotive policies meet our requirements.  This will be determined upon review of your application. 

How do I join MontLargo Motor Club? 
 MontLargo Motor Club is a members only club, which offers membership to 250 people per city. Call or email to arrange an appointment and meet with one of our associates.

Are there operating instructions for the cars?  Before vehicles are checked out, a member of our staff will go over all the necessary and pertinent information for the reserved car. An introductory ride-along is encouraged to alleviate any uncertainties in how to operate a particular vehicle.

What are the daily mileage restrictions?  None!  Package range between 5,000-10,000 worry free miles per year with the option to add more if exceeded.

May cars be delivered to me?  Yes.  Delivery to your home, office, or airport can be arranged. Additional fees apply.

What if I use all my points or all my mileage?  Packages can be upgraded at anytime if the need/desire for more points or miles arises. Also, for an additional fee, extra points may be purchased in 200 block increments.

Who can drive the cars under a membership?  Spouses have shared access to our fleet, within their package guidelines of course. Only one vehicle may be reserved at a time.

How far can a vehicle be driven?  Members are not given distance restrictions while using a vehicle in our fleet. To expedite a timely tow or roadside assistance, however, it is best to plan your outings within a few hundred miles of our club.

Who to call if a car has a problem? Our club provides complimentary 24hr road side assistance.

When do Weekend reservations begin?  Weekend reservations are Friday to Monday.

How do I reserve a vehicle? 
 By calling our concierge, or online using our members only login.

How long may a vehicle be reserved for?  In an effort to ensure a single member does not monopolize a specific car, the maximum individual booking is seven days.

How are pick-ups and drop-offs managed?  When a car is scheduled for pick-up we professionally prep the car and fill the tank with gas. After a quick walk around and demonstration of how to operate the vehicle, you are off! When you return, we log the miles and make sure the tank is full. If you are running short on time we can refuel the vehicle at a surcharge of $1.50 per gallon or a minimum $10 service fee. Again, pick-ups and drop-offs may be scheduled at a place of your convenience

Who’s responsible for traffic violations?  All fees and costs for tickets, tolls etc. are the responsibility of the Member.

Is track use approved?  Our fleet is offered for leisure driving.  Track use is not permitted.

Do you offer Corporate memberships?  Yes!  Please inquire to discuss membership options in more detail.